Wecon VNET System and V-Box will Exhibit in China International Industry Fair 2017

Time:2018-01-29 Author:

Wecon Vnet System and V-BOX are designed to provide a safe and reliable Industrial IoT System to users which ends independent operation of each device. We have used the latest State-of-art technologies of Clouds, IoT and Internet. The advanced concept and technology of Industry 4.0 facilitates small and medium scale industry to reduce information flow and management cost as well as increase productivity. It also helps to enhance after-sales Services.

Connectivity of devices to Users;

  • Smart App real-time monitoring of running status and history data;

  • Remote Access and Control;

  • Obtain data through messages and emails.


Connectivity of devices to devices

  • The devices will not work alone. For example, A packaging machine situated in Rome and another packaging machine situated in Shanghai can be synchronized;

  • Real-time data sharing: Reduces the transmission process and transmission chain;

  • This data sharing technology is also Secure, reliable and economical.


Connectivity of devices to CIS;

  • With the help of OPC Server, RDB(Remote Data Base) and User Defined data port can automatically upload the device data to information system;

  • Distributes production instructions from CIS to devices directly;

  • Real-time monitoring of Devices.



V-BOX Main Features:

  • To obtain data through Serial communication (RS232/RS485/Ethernet) fromdevice controllers.

  • It supportscommunication protocols of most brands’PLCs and controllers.

  • Itconnects tocloud platform through 3G/4G/Ethernet.

  • It can send SMS and Emails.

  • Supports MODBUS, BACNET, etc.

  • SupportsUser-defined protocol.

  • Configuration System is user-friendly, secure and reliable.