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Wecon V-NET System

Lightweight, programmable industrial IoT platform

Developing various industrial IOT application on users’ demand through V-NET.

  •  Quick Connection: connecting various PLC-controlled production equipment with systems, possible to make it automatic management.
  •  Visual Programming: deploying industrial IoT platform through visual programming mode.
  •  System Remote Connection: synching MES/ERP/SCADA etc. with remote production equipment using HTTP/OPC/MQTT interface.
  • V-NET System Technology Architecture


    Smart greenhouse
    Heating equipment
    Water pump
    Car washing equipment
    Robotic arm
    Packing machine
    Die casting machine
    Medical equipment
    Sewage treatment
    Refrigeration equipment
    Construction machinery
    Retail equipment
    Wind Turbines
    Drilling rigs
    Protection fan
    Intelligent agriculture

    V-NET System Advantages


    Supports up to 300 kinds of protocols and PLCs.
    Easily communicate with third-part software and Cloud Platform.
    Introduce third-party software to customize special business requirements.


    As the general IIoT system, V-NET offers basic devices connection service.
    Also, clients can deploy own industrial IoT platform through visual programming mode.


    The data from different devices can be integrated in one screen in the V-cloud;
    Communicate between V-BOX and V-BOX: realize communication between V-    BOX and V-BOX.


    All “Manager account” are separated from the “view account” for each    function.
    Communication mode encryption to ensure security.Many kinds of reminds through remote control to ensure safe execution.


    Unattended Monitoring

    You only need one mobile phone to operate devices and system all over the country, to easily handle with alarms, history data and perform real time monitoring.

    • V-BOX Scada
    • Exquisite pictures
    • Alarms reminding
    • Cloud data saving
    • Most brands of PLC supported
    • Off-line Transmission
    WECON V-NET System provides you with the best unattended monitoring solution, and all you have to do is adding one V-BOX to each of your controlled devices.
    Remote Debugging

    Even if you are far away from the factory, in case of emergency, without your engineers, V-BOX could PLC remote download, debug to resolve any problems.

    • PLC connection through the Ethernet / serial port.
    • Transferring, remote download and debugging can be realized through VPN data service.
    • Remote video monitoring to help you understand the situation on the spot.
    All you have to do is adding one V-BOX to each of your controlled devices.
    System Remote Connection

    If you or your clients have MES, ERP, SCADA, operation and maintenance systems or private clouds, but do not know how to make these costly systems directly connect to automated production equipment, V-NET offers suitable solutions.

    • V-NET System OPC interface, realizing remote data interaction between SCADA system and controlled device.
    • Connecting to V-BOX and IIoT platform using MQTT directly, safely and quickly.
    • With built-in LUA scripts, users can customize MQTT according to actual needs.
    All you have to do is adding one V-BOX to each of your controlled devices.

    Water treatment workstation

    Heating system temperature monitoring

    Heating exchange and SCADA monitoring

    How to Corporate
    Public Cloud Solution
    Creating industrial IoT platform on your demand with solution provided by WECON, even if you have no idea about Internet technology.
    Private Cloud Solutions

    If you need:

    • IoT platform with designated trademark.
    • To manage the thousands of V-BOX.
    • Also be able to maintain cloud platform, private cloud platform is a good solution.
    V-NET Solutions
    Unattended monitoring.
    Remote debugging.
    System remote connection.