PLC and HMI Distributors Recruitment

Do you have the experience on selling automation accessories? Do you have interest to distribute quality HMI, PLC & Industrial PC products from a manufacture? With 12 years of development, Wecon become one of the biggest HMI, PLC & Industrial PC manufacture in China that have over 30 branch offices and 200 distributors/agents in China, 10 distributors/agents in the world. Continuing growth in excellent performance year after year lead us to find more distributors in the world. Join us. plc company

★WECON continue to expand distribution globally. Many areas of Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America, need      qualified distributors who can represent our global-class products. We are looking for quality, motivated organizations that can  represent us in our core industries including machinery automation and system integrators.

★WECON Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-end technology company that independently develops, manufactures, supports and    sells human machine interface, programmable logic controller and industrial PC. WECON products are widely used in  machinery and equipment, metallurgy, chemical, oil and other industries. 

★ HMI products line:

LEVI series:3.5",4.3",7.0",10.2" PI series:7.0",10.2",10.4",12";15.6"

Optional for Windows CE, Linux OS and Android OS

★ PLC products line:

provide 14i/o 20i/o 24i/o 26i/o 32i/o 40i/o 48i/o 60i/o (Power supplies include AC and DC; relay, transistor and mixed)

(PLC with kinds of PID temperature modules, weight module, analog module, etc)

★ Industrial PC products line:

Provide 10";12";15";17";19";21.5" in Windows 7/8/10 system with VGA, HDMI, Ethernet, etc.

★We are building a large organizational structure, which is a very important step in WECON's globalization. To format such  organization chart, we take you as the core. On the process of your business, we will provide supports in varieties of ways and  grow together with you. You could be a distributor in begining, a master distributor, then we can build a Wecon branch office  together in your country/region.

★As quality and development are the core values of Wecon, we are looking for long-term and stable business cooperation. 

   We  need to work together and spend time on deepen the local markets and indstries, so that we could have sustainable      development.

★Solid partnerships starts with a shared commitment to providing superior value to you, we will support you as followed:

Distributor price on sample order

Designated salesman and technicians

Free technical trainings

Invest your located market to make you well-known

Share the market information

Mature marketing guidence